About us  
The Korean Consortium for e-Learning in Medical Education is a consortium of Korean medical schools around the nation to collaborate on developing e-learning for medical education. It was formed in 2007 and currently 34 Korean medical schools are participating. The consortium launched the Korean website in 2008. Now it houses over 1,000 learning resources, which were developed by 150 faculty members from medical schools around the nation. We are now providing these e-learning resources in English to share them with people in other countries.

The enormous amount of knowledge and information in medical education requires more than traditional teaching and learning methods. In order to meet the needs in medical education to prepare students in the 21st century health care environment, e-learning is currently in wide use as an educational method. E-learning can offer educational content in a prompt and convenient manner, which enables a more learner-oriented education. E-learning also allows for wider use of various multimedia contents that are already in frequent use in medical education. Most of all, e-learning can help provide quality education to everyone everywhere.

The learning resources on this website were made possible by active participation of the member universities, and more will be added and updated. Your ungrudging interest and participation would be appreciated so that quality contents continue to be accumulated and shared and hence help medical students become competent doctors.